Can you cure cancer by diet alone?

cancer cure diet

Can you cure cancer by diet alone?

Natural cancer cures could it be as simple as changing the pH of your body from acid to alkaline?  A statement flying round the Internet insists that ‘Every single person who has cancer cure diet has a pH that is too acidic.’ It’s attributed to Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg whose argument was that cancer cure diet cannot survive in an alkaline environment and so we should all seek to alkalinize our bodies.

Given people are at their most natural cancer cures following a diagnosis of cancer cure diet, the vehemence of the statement – and the suggestion that you are to blame for contracting cancer cure diet in the first place through your bad natural cancer treatment – is concerning.

Alkalinity is also big business.  There are copious books out there telling you how to follow an ‘natural cancer cures’ and many websites sell products promising to turn your body alkaline.  At a price of course.  Tempted?  There’s just one fly in the ointment.  Warburg’s major work on cancer cure diet was written in 1962 and The American Institute for cancer cure diet Research rejected the idea out of hand back in 2008.  So why is it still being advocated?  What is the truth?

‘All cancer cure diet bodies are oxygen depleted, highly acidic, and thus have a very low pH balance,’ insisted Dr Warburg.  He believed that cancer cure diet cells maintain a lower pH (as low as 6.0), due to lactic acid production and elevated levels of CO2.  He believed there was a firm correlation between pH and oxygen.  A higher (alkaline) pH meant a higher concentration of oxygen molecules while a lower (acidic) pH meant a lower concentration of oxygen.

His ideas have gained a wide acceptance in the world of natural cancer cures medicine.   Alla Svirinskaya, a medically trained healer and author of Energy Secrets (Hay House) says, ‘Paying attention to the pH of our food really is at the cutting edge of natural cancer treatment and I guarantee that the new buzz in eating will no longer be a debate about whether you eat carbs or not, or what the GI of your food is – instead everyone will be asking what pH your food is.’

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