Why Fast Foods & Soda Are Bad for Heart ( Heart Diseases ) ???

unhealthy fast foods
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So How fast foods can promote heart disease?

In general. Fast foods makes all the wrong choices, fast foods are high in saturated fats, low in antioxidants and had very little love the nutrients and minerals we need to have a healthy life fast foods, what we call empty calories, they really don't have any of the heart-healthy factors in them, those will be complex carbohydrates nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our body needs to perform at it's best. more than that, fast foods can often have the things inside them which help promote atherosclerosis or the buildup of cholesterol in the arts, and can lead to things like heart attack and stock.

In united states the consumption of fast foods is very common, and unfortunately we're going to Europe or seeing something we've never seen before, that is the emergence a condition we called the obese malnourished, where people are for overweight but are still malnourished in the sense of not having the important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to live a healthy lifestyle, fast foods often also subsidizes nature's natural products and substances with on healthy foods additives and preservatives, these have also been linked to adverse health events, not only for cardiovascular health but also health in general. In addition the fast foods soda is also very unhealthy products, it really high sugar and no basic minerals and nutrients that would make it healthy foods.

Any way, it allows us to really consume a lot of calories in a short period of time, without thinking too much about what we're taking in, it  doesn't have the health benefits that other calories may have, like complex carbohydrates, fresh vegetables or fresh fruit, most doctors would recommend avoiding soldiers in general, whether it's died or not, so does don't have anything inside them which have any nutritional value and are in facts not really a food, doctors would recommend freaking healthy drinks, mostly water whether it's carbonated or flavored. So fast foods and soda are not part a heart-healthy lifestyle and diet.

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