What is "Child's Schizophrenia" (also called child onest Schizophrenia Or COS) ?

Child's Schizophrenia

The definition of this disease has been the subject of considerable debate in recent years. What is clear is that mental illness is a serious disease that can be very debilitating. Is quite difficult to diagnose, but there was confusion about whether the childhood schizophrenia is different from the adult schizophrenia or whether it is a continuum of the same disease. Schizophrenia in children is considered an early manifestation of schizophrenia in adulthood are recognized. It is now clear that the anomalies are similar in children and adults suggest that schizophrenia is an ongoing throughout the life of the individual processes.

The disorder is defined by psychotic symptoms (psychosis), deficits in social functioning and last for at least six months.
Active psychotic symptoms include positive or negative symptoms.
Positive symptoms are:
Delusions: A FALSE belief based on poor judgment on the environment a)
Hallucinations: The reception of something like a sound image or video that is not really present, except in the mind)
Disorganization syndrome: With disorganized speech (incoherent, illogical, derailed speech, do not get the point, wave) and severely disorganized or catatonic behavior (extreme loss of function or constant hyperactivity)

Negative symptoms are:
Flat effect: not showing emotions
Alogia: Expression Poverty
Avolitions: lack of initiative or motivation

If you are weird delusions, auditory hallucinations or voices operates a comment on the thoughts or behavior of the person, or if two or more people can talk to each other, while the symptoms of the active phase is necessary for diagnosis.

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