Doing Breastfeeding The Right Way

Breastfeeding is not only nourishing for the baby, but also brings benefits to the health of the mother.

This is actually the main reason why many contemporary mothers take the time and find the time to breastfeed. Although it can be difficult for working mothers to do, feed the baby exclusively human milk is absolutely worth it .

To help you start out , you should be aware of some basic principles of breastfeeding . For example , there are different positions for breastfeeding . The best are largely dependent on you and your baby feel more comfortable .

The cradle means that the baby's head rests in the crook of his elbow. When you do this , do not forget to support your baby by placing her belly against his body. Use your other hand to hold the neck and head of the baby. You can also start using a pillow for a little more comfortable for you.

On the other hand , the position of football. This has an obvious nickname because it forces you to keep your baby like a football . Simply align the back of your baby close to her forearm and support the neck and head with the palm of the hand. This position is particularly recommended for newborns. In addition, mothers who have had a caesarean section can benefit from this because it is less painful.

Third, the lateral decubitus position is ideal for feeding your baby during the night. Just use pillows under the head and then with your baby. Use one hand to support your breast and nipple into the baby's mouth . After that, use the same hand to support the neck and head of the baby. You can also place extra pillows on the back of your baby.

Now, many beginners asking probably a good time to breastfeed. While the current schedule may vary from one child to another , the general rule is nursed whenever he is hungry . You can nurse between 8-12 times a day. As a general rule, do not wait until the baby cry before feeding. Learn to read the signs of hunger and your baby will certainly be less irritable during breastfeeding sessions.

Certainly , it seems patience is crucial. Many guides will tell you not to rush breastfeeding . Children usually spend at least 10-20 minutes on each breast and therefore can not be too easy to breastfeed when you are tired. Switching positions can often be difficult , but do not hesitate to do so whenever necessary . In addition, some mothers may feel frightened not produce enough milk for the first few days . This can be fixed if you continue to feed your baby, even if this problem . Over time , you will have enough milk to meet your baby's needs .

Of course, we encourage mothers to breastfeed . The exemptions apply to people living with HIV , mothers with TB and those who are undergoing chemotherapy for any type of cancer. Breastfeeding information online, even states that taking illegal drugs are strongly encouraged not to breastfeed. Finally, people with unusual health problems and taking certain prescription drugs are also forbidden to breastfeed.

For more information about proper breastfeeding , ask experts and professionals can be a good idea. Many of them are willing to share information for all those who want to learn the basics of breastfeeding . When looking for help , you will understand how to make breastfeeding for you and your baby. You can also talk with experienced mothers for advice and effective tips .


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