3 Steps to Healthy Eating Despite Food Allergies

If you have been diagnosed with a food allergy knowing which foods to buy and cook can be very difficult.

It can also be difficult to get all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet when part or all of the food groups should be excluded from the diet .

Here are 3 simple tips to help you deal with food allergies, and always follow a healthy diet :

# 1 choose foods wisely
If you have been diagnosed with an allergy, it can be very intimidating to buy food in the early stages .

However , paying a little more attention than usual to food labels , you'll soon be able to breeze through the store in a short time , and purchases of food does not seem so difficult to practice.

Try to choose foods with a short list of ingredients, and those that contain recognizable elements , instead of a list of codes or numbers. Organic foods are a great place to buy food in particular, and are often less likely to contain nasty ingredients that will affect your health.

I suggest you write a list of all who seek to avoid allergens , and other names that can pass underneath. In this way, you will be more concentrated in the supermarket, and you'll know exactly what foods you can not buy more.

Be assured that every trip you make in the supermarket will be easier and faster than most experience to determine what foods are appropriate.

# 2 Be adventurous with food
When you have been diagnosed with a food allergy can be tempting to go with "safe" recipes! However, it is essential that you get a lot of variety in their diet.

So, try to be adventurous in the food you choose, get specific state cookbooks and do your research on the Internet for more ideas .

It is very important that your diet is varied, containing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of color in particular.

Try to stick to foods that are as close to him as "whole" as possible , for example, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds - if tolerated. In this way , it is easier to avoid some of the ingredients you are allergic in May and still go for a healthy diet.

# 3 Use appropriate substitutions
A varied diet is important when you have a food allergy to make sure you get all the nutrients needed for good health. This is made a little easier today with the variety of alternative foods available .

If you are allergic to milk or dairy products , look out for :

Rice milk
The almond milk
desserts soy

If you are allergic to eggs , try:

Replacing eggs - you can buy at the supermarket
Flax seed - for each egg , use 1 tablespoon of flaxseed and 3 tablespoons of water soup
1 banana - 1 egg substitute in cakes
2 tablespoons cornstarch - 1 egg substitute

If you are allergic to wheat, to look out for :

rice flour
rye flour
Barley flour
millet flour
buckwheat flour
Spelt flour
Soybean meal
Gluten-free bread , cakes and biscuits
Pasta and gluten-free cereal

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